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    1. Type of Event

      Please select your type of event. 

    2. I understand to not conduct any road race, parade or public assembly, either fixed or processional, over, upon, or burdening the public properties of Columbia County, Georgia or employing facilities thereon, without first receiving a permit from the necessary parties within this application and approved according to the requirements set out. This application, and any supplemental information required, shall be submitted not less than 45 days prior to the road race, parade or public assembly to ensure proper processing. Once the application is received, please allow two weeks for Columbia County to review and provide any estimated costs for the applicant. If there are costs associated with this event, it is the responsibility of the applicant and said payment is due 24 hours before the date of the event. The permit will be issued only after approval by the concerned departments listed below. When approving road closures for routes, the county will consider various impacts on residents, occupants, businesses, and emergency lanes (whether lane closures, local streets, or major/secondary streets).

      If the applicant is an association of persons in fact or in law, the application shall contain a description of the entity; the name of said entity, if named; the registered or recognized address of the entity; the name of the person making the application on behalf of the entity; such person’s relationship to said entity; and some demonstration or recitation of the authority of the person making the application to act on behalf of the entity and the names, addresses and phone numbers of the Corporate or Executive Officers of said entity.

    3. Public assembly means any meeting, demonstration, picket line, rally, or gathering of people for a common purpose that interferes with the normal flow or regulation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or that requires exclusive use of all or any part of public areas or facilities open to the general public.

      Please note: Plans that involve crossing, encroaching, traveling along or otherwise directly impacting State Routes will require an additional review and approval process by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Their review and approval process can only be initiated two to four weeks prior to the event.