List of Roles

JudgeThe judge hears cases and decides questions of law in court. He or she will determine if a juvenile is delinquent and in need of treatment and rehabilitation. The judge will hear recommendations from the Intake Officer and make a ruling.
Intake OfficerOfficer of juvenile court who schedules cases, makes decisions regarding immediate detention at the time of offense, and presents recommendations and criminal history record of each juvenile who appears before the judge.
State AttorneyReferred to as the Prosecutor or the Assistant District Attorney (A.D.A.) presents the facts of the case in which the juvenile appears for a hearing and/or trial before the judge.
Defense AttorneyCan be an appointed attorney known as the Public Defender or an attorney retained by the parents/guardians of a juvenile. This person represents the juvenile and pleads his or her case asking the judge for what is in the best interest of his or her client. For example, he or she may ask the judge for a shorter detention sentence.
Guardian Ad LitemIn some cases, the judge may appoint an advocate to represent the child's interest. This person does not work for the parents or the prosecutor. He or she will interview the child and any other parties involved in the child's life and submit a written and/or verbal report to the judge. The purpose of the GAL is to assist the judge in deciding what is in the best interest of the child.
Probation OfficerThis person is appointed after the judge has found a juvenile to be delinquent. He or she is responsible for explaining the judge's ruling and guiding the juvenile and his or her family through completing the conditions ordered by the judge.
Social/Case WorkerRepresent the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in cases where a child is alleged or has been found to be deprived by the laws of the state of Georgia. The judge may also appoint a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) worker in a deprivation case who serves a similar purpose as a Guardian Ad Litem in a delinquent case.
Deputy ClerkA representative from the Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Court who manages the legal files and documents thereof for all juvenile court cases.
Court ReporterThis person records the transcript of the court proceedings.
BailiffSheriff Deputies are assigned to keep order in the courtroom.

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