Location is key. When starting your business, the first step is to determine if the location is appropriate for your business, based on our zoning specifications.

We take pride in maintaining the healthy growth of our county, which is why we maintain specific zoning specifications, to ensure a functional and flourishing community. We maintain 5 base zoning district types: Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Residential, and Other/Special.

Use the following Zoning Verification map to determine if opening your business is possible at your intended location. For more information regarding specific zoning regulations, visit our Zoning page or review the complete zoning ordinance (Chapter 90 of the Columbia County Code).

Zoning Verification

Please use the interactive map to determine the zoning district for where you intend to start your business.

For complete detail regarding the property's zoning requirements, or if you want to explore the possibilities of rezoning, please visit our Zoning page for further information.

Overlay Districts

In addition to the base zoning districts, the County employs a number of overlay districts to provide additional protection to high visibility areas of the County and require increased design standards. The requirements of these districts are applied to any non-residentially zoned property in addition to the requirements of the underlying zone.

The three main Overlay Districts are:

  • Evans Town Center Overlay District, encouraging the creation of a unique town center that promotes links between public, medical, retail, and service uses;
  • Node Protection Overlay Districts, established at major intersections where additional growth is expected and desired;
  • Corridor Protection Overlay Districts, established along major arterial roads to protect these primary transportation corridors with thorough standards for screening, landscaping, and aesthetics.

Whether you feel the property you wish to start your business at is in one of these Overlay Districts, or you would like to learn more about them, please visit our Zoning page for further information.