Fire Marshal

Enforcement of the Columbia County Fire Prevention Code, Georgia Safety Fire commissioner's Rules and Regulations and the Georgia Accessibility Code.

We provide fire plan review, permits, and inspections on new and existing facilities and issue Certificate of Occupancies.

Fire Plan Review

  1. Site Plan is reviewed during submittal to The Planning Services, Plan Review Department.
  2. Building Life Safety is reviewed during submittal to Development Services Division, Building Standards, Plan Review Department.
  3. Fire Alarm is reviewed separate from the building plan.
  4. Fire Suppression is reviewed separate from the building plan. 

Fire Inspections

  1. New Construction: Fire Marshal 80% and 100% inspections are required. See Required Fire Inspections Commercial (PDF) for inspection types.
  2. Scheduling New Construction: Request by emailing the Inspections Division between 8 am and 4:30 pm and have your permit number available, the type of inspection needed and your contact information.
  3. Existing: Building Life Safety Inspections are performed unannounced throughout the year. A report will be left with findings.
  4. Common Fire Code Violations: Prepare your existing business for a fire inspection: Common Fire Code Violations (PDF).
  5. Mobile Food Vehicle Requirements: Mobile Food Vehicle Requirements (PDF).

Certificate of Occupancy

  1. New Construction: Issued when all phases of work are complete and have passed inspections from all applicable departments.
  2. Existing: Remains valid unless changing occupancy, major fire or alteration to the building.

Fire Watch

  1. Required Fire Alarm or Sprinkler System is out of service: The impairment coordinator is required to complete the procedures noted in The International Fire Code Section 901.7. Submit the Firewatch Acknowledgement and Log (PDF)

Fire Marshal Fees

Building Life Safety Plan Review Fees

Architect/Engineer Design (0-5,000 square feet)$150
Architect/Engineer Design (5,001 square feet and larger)$0.03 per square foot
Plan not designed by Architect/Engineer$0.09 per square foot

Fire Suppression & Fire Alarm Fees

Plan Review$100
Commercial Hood Suppression$100
Residential Type Suppression$55

New Construction Fire & Life Safety Inspection Fees

First Re-Inspection and each Subsequent Re-Inspection$30

Fire Marshal Certificate of Occupancy

New or change of occupancy$100

All Other Fire & Life Safety Inspection Fees

First Inspection$0
First Re-Inspection$0
Second Re-Inspection$100
Third Re-Inspection$125
Fourth and each subsequent Re-Inspection$150