Tax Exemptions

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Heggie Rock One of Georgia's twelve natural landmarks, Heggie's Rock was formed when less dense molten rock floated upward through the Earth's crust in what is now Columbia County. It spreads over 60 acres and is 150 feet higher than the surrounding terrain. Heggie's Rock is home to many endangered plant and animal species and has a topography more similar to Arizona than Georgia.

Taxpayers may select from several exemptions to save money on their real property tax.  Application for Homestead Exemptions are taken at the Tax Commissioner's office in Evans. Depending upon which application is completed, one or more of the following items shall be required:

  • Valid Georgia Driver's License with current residence address
  • Proof of Motor Vehicle registration in Columbia County (registration card)
  • Proof of age (Driver's License, State ID, and/or Birth Certificate)
  • Recorded Warranty Deed
  • Income Statements (Copy of GA & Federal tax returns)
  • Physician Affidavits
  • Retirement or disability records
  • Trust documents (If property is in a Trust)

You Should Know:

  • You must apply no later than April 1st of the current year to receive a tax benefit for the same year
  • All motor vehicles should be registered in Columbia County
  • ANY CHANGE TO A DEED; for example, refinancing, will necessitate a new application
  • Income changes must be updated
  • If you would like to apply for a NEW exemption, applications must be filed in person at the Evans office on 630 Ronald Reagan Drive, Evans, GA 30809 Building C in the Property Tax office.

Regular Exemptions

Age Exemptions

Disabled Exemptions

Surviving Spouse of Military Member

Homestead Exemption Application Period