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1. What is the service area for stormwater billing?
2. What is the billing period for my stormwater bill?
3. Can I obtain flood insurance if I am not in a flood zone ?
4. How can I protect myself and my property from flood hazards?
5. Is my property located in a flood zone?
6. What is a floodplain and how does it function?
7. What can I do to prevent water pollution?
8. How does polluted storm water affect me?
9. Where does rain water go after it enters a storm drain?
10. Can I partner with the County on water pollution prevention and stormwater quality outreach efforts?
11. Does the County offer educational presentations on water pollution prevention and / or stormwater quality?
12. Do I need a Land Disturbance Permit for a retaining wall?
13. Do I need a permit to clear and stump trees on my property?
14. My lot didn’t require a Notice of Intent Permit. Do I still need a Notice of Termination inspection?
15. How do I schedule a Notice of Termination (NOT) inspection?
16. How soon can I get an E&S inspection?
17. How do I schedule an E&S inspection?
18. Who can I call about new construction or land disturbance complaints?