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1. How often are dirt roads scraped?
2. Who do I call to have a dead animal removed from or alongside the road?
3. How can I tell the difference between a sewer and a storm drain?
4. Who is responsible for the mowing of right-of-way in the County?
5. Our street light is out or is obstructed by tree limbs. Who do I call?
6. Who should I contact to discuss installation of a new traffic sign on our street?
7. A tree fell across the stream behind my house. The stream also has a lot of trash and weeds in it and needs to be cleaned out. Who is in charge?
8. I need to have a driveway installed. What is the procedure to do so?
9. Which roads are not maintained by the County?
10. What is the procedure for reporting damage to a vehicle caused by rocks or other objects coming from a county vehicle?