Why am I being charged a stormwater fee?

Almost every property discharges some stormwater into the public drainage systems, even if it is not noticeable to you. Properly controlling that stormwater runoff is a very real service to you and other property owners. The County's program will capture and control stormwater runoff so properties like yours are not flooded or otherwise impacted by runoff from other properties.

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1. What is the service area for stormwater billing?
2. What is the billing period for my stormwater bill?
3. Who can I call about new construction or land disturbance complaints?
4. Who inspects land disturbance on construction sites?
5. What can I do to help improve stormwater quality?
6. Doesn't Stormwater Runoff Go Into the Sanitary Sewer?
7. What is Stormwater Pollution Prevention?
8. How Can I Qualify For A Credit Against My Fee?
9. Why is a Stormwater Utility Necessary?
10. How can I tell the difference between a sewer and a storm drain?
11. Why am I being charged a stormwater fee?
12. How is the Stormwater Service Fee Calculated?
13. Who is the Stormwater Service Fee billed to?