Internal Affairs

Lieutenant Erica Newman oversees the functions of the Internal Affairs Unit and the Human Resource specialist. This unit is responsible for conducting background investigations, polygraph/CVSA tests and internal affairs investigations. The mission of the internal affairs unit is to ensure thorough fact-finding investigations are conducted to provide honesty and accountability to the citizens we serve. A statistical review of complaints is conducted annually to address whether additional training is required. It is only through these actions that we will continue to maintain the public's trust. The employees of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office strive daily to provide the citizens of Columbia County with professional and courteous service.

One key to maintaining a premier level of service is open communication with those we serve. In keeping with this philosophy, we actively seek your comments and concerns. You may commend an employee or file a complaint on an employee through any of the following means:

Our objective is to treat every citizen of Columbia County with dignity and respect. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. The following is a summary of investigated complaints from 2022.

2022 Sheriff's Office Annual Statistical - Summary of Complaints

ComplaintSustainedNot SustainedUndeterminedTotal
Minor Unprofessionalism3014
Dereliction of Duty1001
Rude/Discourteous Behavior0303
Abuse of Authority0101

2022 Detention Center Annual Statistical - Summary of Complaints

ComplaintSustainedNot SustainedResolved with CitizenTotal
Minor Unprofessionalism0101
Conduct Unbecoming an Employee0101
Mistreatment of Inmate0101
Dereliction of Duty0101
Use of Force Violation1001

2022 Communications Center Annual Statistical - Summary of Complaints

The Communications Center did not receive any complaints in 2022.

Background Investigator

Senior Investigator Wynn Howard is the Background Investigator. He is responsible for thoroughly investigating and conducting CVSA exams and administering Psychological exams on applicants interested in employment with the Sheriff's Office. This function enables the Sheriff's Office to hire the highest standard of employee to maintain a superior level of professionalism. This system is critical in preserving the quality of service we provide to the citizens of Columbia County. In addition to his regular duties, Investigator Howard also assists Lieutenant Newman with Internal Affairs investigations. He is also the contact person for LEOSA.