Disabled Exemptions

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Disabled Veterans
(S5) - $73,768 From Assessed Value
. A letter from the Veterans Administration stating that the veteran has a 100% Service Connected Disability is required to qualify for this exemption.  To continue receiving this benefit, a letter from the Veterans Administration updating the disability information is required every 3 years.  SEE DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS

Disabled Veterans Age 65
(S5+) - $73,768 From Assessed Value.
Same requirements as for S5 above -
Total & Permanent Disability

(L5) - $40,000 From Assessed Value. An affidavit from two physicians describing the disability is required at the time of application.  Net taxable income of both spouses cannot exceed $15,000. Proof of income (Georgia & Federal Tax Returns), date of birth, and social security number are also required.