Section 5: Escrow Payment Processing

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The billing file contains all properties located in Columbia County Georgia. The payment file should include only the records to be paid. Requesting all properties will help reduce the number of missing parcels for the Lending Institution that is not in the file.

File Specifications: (95 character fixed length text file)

Receipt Number 01-07 (used for billing and payments)
Map and Parcel 08-32 (Map and Parcel Number)
Owner Id 33-45 (Not Used)
Lender Id 46-58 (Owner of Mortgage)
Responsible Id 59-71(Responsible for taxes)
Mortgage Account 72-84 (Mortgage Account/Loan Number)
Amount 85-95 (Billing/Payment Amount)

NOTE: Receipt number and amount fields are numeric, all other fields are alpha numeric and left justified. Also, the amount has two decimal places. Compress file using WinZip, PKZip, UNIX compression, etc.

Additional Information:
Please contact the following for additional information.
General Information

Columbia County Tax Commissioner
P. O. Box 3030
Evans, GA 30809

Telephone: (706) 261-8299
Fax: (706) 312-1357
Email: Peter Chong

Technical Information

Columbia County Information Technology
Attention: Larry Hobbs
P. O. Box 498
Evans, GA 30809

Telephone: (706) 868-3393
Fax: (706) 868-3398
Email: Larry Hobbs.